Found in some of the most arid countries on earth, the Prickly Pear Plant can seem more like a painful beauty experiment than a new skincare regimen. But don’t let the spikes fool you!

The Prickly Pear or Barbary Fig Seed Oil is a relatively new oil in the beauty world – but be ready, because this oil is going to take the beauty world by storm. We can confidently say bye to Argan Oil and hello to Prickly Pear Oil !


newslider41 What is Prickly Pear?

The Prickly Pear plant produces some of the finest fruit bearing seeds newly introduced to the beauty market.  These tiny seeds are what hold the secret to youthful and flawless skin. The oil contained inside this bright pink fruit contains 150% more Vitamin E than Argan oil. According to Allurethe prickly pear contains amino acids, vitamin B, calcium, beta-carotene, magnesium, and iron. “It is just as good slathered on your skin as it is ingested.” Seems like using the plant is totally worth a try, right? And if that’s not too good to be true already, it’s perfect for all skin types!

How It’s Made

It takes roughly 1 million tiny prickly pear seeds and 36 hours of manual labor to produce 1 liter of this golden oil, making the price tag associated to these products totally worth it.

It’s a true labor of love; once the seeds are harvested, they are cold pressed by hand using only rocks.  Once the raw oil is extracted, it is bottled and ready for shipment.  Due to this extremely time consuming process, it makes the Prickly Pear oil one of the most expensive raw materials to be used in beauty products.

So here are the 5 miracle benefits of Prickly Pear Seed Oil


1.  Anti-Aging & Anti-Inflammatoryimg_4607

Since the Prickly Pear Seed Oil contains the highest levels of Betalains, it gives prickly pear oil products super antioxidant strength with powerful anti-aging effects. Aging signs which include fines lines and wrinkles are a result of the body’s inability to produce collagen in sufficient amounts. The lack of collagen is often a symptom of age and inflammation in the body and the skin. According to Dermatologist Jeannette Graf, “The fruit reduces inflammation, and anything that is anti-inflammatory is also anti-aging because inflammation is the first event that occurs in aging.”

The essential fatty acids in the Prickly Pear Seed Oil keep the upper layers of the skin hydrated. It does so without clogging your pores and causing further breakouts.

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2.   Fantastic For Sensitive Skin

For people with eczema and other skin ailments, this non-irritating oil will reduce inflammation. If you have sensitive skin, choose products that use natural ingredients, or try a DIY recipe and enjoy a face mask with a candle light bath.


3.  Quick Absorbing While Tightening Pores

Due to the high Linoleic Acid content (60%) of the oil, it remains light in texture and absorbs well into the skin.  the high essential fatty acid content tightens pores, keeps the collagen layer moist and healthy, fights inflammation and reduces acne flares. Products made from the prickly pear seed oil are highly recommended for individuals that suffer from acne, thanks to its anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.



before-and-after-using-prickly-pear-seed-oil-for-a-burn 4.  Brightens Dark Spots

[Prickly Pear Seed oil contains Vitamin K which is known to brighten the skin. Vitamin K is known to reduce dark spots and under-eye circles while promoting your skins elasticity. Aside from under eye dark circle reduction, many individuals use the prickly pear seed oil as an ointment to reduce scars after incidental burns and sun burns. Next time you want to heal a scar, apply the oil on your skin twice daily.



5.  Prevents Wrinkles

Because of the high Vitamin E content (roughly 150% more than Argan oil), and a fatty acids content of around 88%, the Prickly Pear Seed Oil increases cell renewal. It works by stimulating healthy cell production and turnover.  In the world of dermatology, inflammation is a leading cause for aging skin. But thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, the Prickly Pear Seed oil effectively calms irritations and inflammations of the skin. Therefore slowing the aging process.


  • Oleic Acid 20.6%
  • Linoleic Acid 60.5%
  • Stearic Acid 3.2%
  • Palmitic Acid 13.9%
  • Tocopherol 895 mg/kg (almost 150% more Tocopherol than Argan oil

prickly pear seed oil