Do you have a sugar face ? Are you in your 30s and 40s and noticing breakouts ? or maybe you are in your twenties and already seeing early signs of aging ! Well a sugar face is a real thing, and it affects men and women of any age. An overwhelming number of dermatologists are agreeing that sugar is making us look old, and here is a breakdown of how a high consumption of sugar can affect your skin.


Sugar is a dehydrating agent, it basically sucks all the water out of your skin cells and disrupts the its binding within your cells. It can lead to an increase in oil production which can cause breakouts and clogged pores. Your skin can also  loose bounce and lustre due to dehydration and dark circles can appear or worsen. Dehydrated skin is vulnerable to the outside environment and more prone to rashes, redness and sunburns.


Consuming foods high on the Glycemic index like bread, candy, sodas and ice cream convert in the body rapidly into glucose which floods your bloodstream. To counter act this effect the body produces Insulin that controls it but also triggers oil production in the skin. This increase in oil production can cause breakouts and acne in both teenagers and adults. Excessive oil production not only causes breakouts but also causes clogged pores and hair follicles as well as blackheads. Clogged pores are the reason why they look enlarged ! Recognize this problem in your skin? Well excessive sugar may just be the cause !



Pre-mature aging:

The inflammation caused by the spike in Insulin production not only causes acne but also causes pre-mature aging throughout the body. The sugar in your diet attached itself to other proteins in the body in a process called Glycation. This process harms other proteins in the body in a domino effect and most vulnerable are Collagen and Elastin, the protein fibers responsible for younger and healthier looking skin. Once damaged these two proteins become dry and brittle, the results ? you guessed it ! dry and brittle skin that looses its elasticity and starts forming wrinkles and fines lines. But wait, there is more ! The glycation process also deactivate your antioxidant capabilities in your body, making you more vulnerable to sun damage- which is still the main cause of pre-mature aging.

There you have it ! Dehydration, acne and pre-mature aging can be caused by a high consumption of sugar. The good new is that you can turn back the clock, when it comes to sugar damaged skin or at least prevent future damage. It’s hard to avoid sugar all together, as its present in fruits, whole grains and even vegetables, however you can control the amount of added sugar in your diet by reading the labels of the packaged foods that you eat. Many packaged foods are full of sugar hiding under other names such as fructose syrop, concentrate juice, molasses, maltose, malt syrop … Learning to recognize these added sugars and removing them from your diet will make a tremendous difference to the health of your skin. Here are examples of Super Foods that you can incorporate in your diet for better skin. 



Eating a healthy blend of fruits, vegetables and other low glycemic foods will boost your skin’s immunity and prevent glycation from happening. There are of course other lifestyle changes that you can do to improve the health of your skin.  You can also boost your diet with vitamins and minerals that will protect your skin such as B1, B6 and collagen supplements. 


Author: Repère Care